Leek Tart

For the second consecutive Saturday night we've savored on leeks from the garden. Found an excellent recipe that uses a little bacon, fresh garlic, gruyere, parmesan, and a pinch of nutmeg along with eight leeks, yes eight. Not finding it in myself to wipe out the last of this crop quite yet, I followed the advice of a good friend and used a couple small Spanish onions and just five of the remaining leeks. Pulled them out this afternoon in the mild rain, they smelled so good. The onion substitution worked well. Great texture and even better taste. Shared it with my parents tonight and enjoyed it with red leaf lettuce and grape tomatoes. I was planning on getting a picture of the whole tart but it disappeared too quickly. This is all that was left after nibbling our way through kitchen clean up. A real winner.


  1. O.K. Ann, spill the beans...

    how about the recipe???

  2. OK already. Go to foodnetwork.com and search for Savory Leek and Apple Wood Bacon Tart. I used generic swiss instead of gruyere and same with the bacon. Great even cold the next day for lunch.

  3. Thanks Ann. I love leeks in season. Tonight they will be sauteed with lemon and capers as a side dish to grilled mahi-mahi...

    Great blog...nice job!

  4. Thanks Carlo.
    Like your info on clivias - get em all on the same schedule. I have four 12" seedlings sown 1/13/07 from seed collected off a couple different plants in California. One can only hope there may be a yellow in the bunch. Five more years...
    Excellent website with great content. Love the Morris type engraving at the top (is it Morris?).

    And your dinners are

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