Wow. Look at that. Right through the snow. Nobody ever gets bored with snowdrops...
Henry Mitchell, One Man's Garden

The snowdrops last year were well ahead of their time. This photo was taken last December 16th. I have shots of them in full bloom from other years but this was the earliest year ever. The year before I have pictures of them blooming in late January and again in March.

I never planted these little gems. They've been part of the gardens around the house longer than the 19 years I've been digging here. Gifts from the previous gardener who worked this yard.

With a stiff wind making it feel barely 20 degrees right now and a good 6 to 8 inches of snow expected tomorrow, today the snowdrops are brave enough to show just a couple inches of growth. But it's enough for me. As legend would have it the snowdrop is a sign that summer and sunshine will come again.


  1. the snow drops are soooo pretty!! what a nice
    surprize to find. My paperwhite's have finally finished blooming , but my rosemary evergreen tree (shaped like a christmas tree) is making me every so happy.
    best of the holidays to you

  2. Lovely! I'm such a sucker for Snowdrops, too. They're one of the first to bloom here in Northern Cali, and they're so delicate-looking and sweet - and tough as nails, too. They seem to naturalize nicely, which I appreciate. So many bulbs need a good solid frosty time to come back year after year (which we don't get), but these guys are easy do-ers.

  3. I love snow drops, too. And snow flake flowers, too. And, even stars of Bethlehem.

    South of you, in Maryland.