Road Trip

Life's been circumvented by an impromptu road trip to Florida with my daughters. Not so bad at all. Missed out on 8 inches of snow last Saturday and temperatures that are headed down to the single digits tonight.

Camping in a wonderful forest, wonderful even in the rain in 45-50 degree weather at night. We'll be having our own cold snap though. Friday night will be in the upper 20s! A taste of home.

In the meantime I'm enjoying the hibiscus that are blooming, the roses, the palms, the resident black bear who is less of a threat than the domesticated raccoons.

Life on the road is good. More to follow when time allows.

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  1. A road trip to FL sounds wonderfully exciting, Anne. The photo of the hibiscus makes me wish I had one growing right here:) So you are camping? And it's a bit cold too, even in a warm sleeping bag, it sounds like. But at least you missed that ugly snow storm they had in New England...you can't beat that now! Hope you have a great trip!