As the landscape's changing with the weather I'm missing the hikes and walks from the fall. In early October I walked the countryside with friends visiting from Germany.
(Click on photos for close ups)

We hiked alongside waterfalls in the cool rain,

found quiet overlooks of rivers and lakes,

explored covered bridges and

stone turrets.

And after they left I hiked with other friends closer to home.

One is an art teacher who sees color palettes in gray rocks.

Another friend agreed to walk with me along the freedom trail and visit John Brown's birthplace.

But there's one hike that's been special. It's a hill that I've looked out on for nearly 20 years since we've lived in this house. You can see it from the main staircase inside. I've spent a lot of time sitting on these stairs with a girl or cat in my lap. Or alone. It's a good place to think. And I've watched this hill over the years and noticed how storms wrap around behind it from the north and spill over the valley. And how the east sun makes it glisten in the early morning light following a snow storm.

I've had time this fall to walk and hike. When you have time you can do things you haven't had the chance to do before. Like walk that hill and its granite lined trails.

The time to get off the path to look inside tree trunks.

Time to examine closely the perfect ferns growing out of stones and fallen trees.

And best of all, time to look at life from a different perspective and appreciate the beauty that lies outside your doorstep.


  1. Great blog and lovely photos! I've bookmarked it for future reading. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is my favorite entry! I LOVE the photos!!!

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