First Snow

The first snowfall of the season came over the weekend. Looking out the bedroom window yesterday morning icy sap-sicles dripped from a maple branch. Chickadees, titmice, and squirrels have been regular visitors on this branch drinking the sap.

Holly berries cluster along stems beneath dark green leaves. Perfect for decorating the season.

The Joe Pye weed wears a crown of snow out back on the hillside. Their stalks tower above the echinaceas and New England asters swaying in the sharp wind.

A snow-tufted echinacea seed head punctuates the side bed like a startled emu bird.

The arrival of the first snow announces it's winter.


  1. Lovely pictures. The berries against the birdhouse looks so pretty.

  2. What a nice post:) I'm just waiting for a little snow so I can take some photos. I just want it for Christmas, then, it can all melt as far as I'm concerned! It really does look lovely in your photos. Jan/ThanksFor2Day

  3. Hi, cant believe you have snow, its raining here today....You've been challenged!!!
    go to my blog and ck it out, it was sent to
    me by Design by Cathleen.
    thanks happy holidays