The Aeonium blossoms are opening in the cold frame this weekend. They haven't minded the single digit nighttime temperatures, below zero wind chills and daytime 80+ degree extremes when I forget to open the top of the cold frame on sunny afternoons. What a gift for early February.

This morning the bird feeders were empty. On closer inspection it became clear why. Shortly after these shots were taken a cat fight ensued and they scared each other away. Juncos filled the hydrangea below the feeder within minutes and goldfinches, titmice and chickadees followed.

This afternoon the pampered indoor cats crowded in a tangle of legs and fur on the sunny end of the couch.

Feeble attempts to stare down weighty bodies were ignored.
Not worth the energy for a cat fight here, warmth and comfort won out.

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  1. Aww, the kitties are darling!

    Whenever I hear anyone mention Juncos I remember my partner's Great-Grandma being momentarily unable to recall their name, and calling them "Crummies"!