In Contrast

In contrast to snowfall that came in overnight on a northeast wind, I could hear at first light the clear whistling "fee-bee" of a chickadee and the canary-like song of a goldfinch, both I associate with gardening outdoors in much finer weather.

In contrast to my desire to stay under warm covers, I forced myself out of bed and went outside to take pictures of:

Contrasting prints of bird feet and cat paws.

Contrasting thoughts of the Bavarian planter under a fresh cap of snow. . .

and overflowing petunias of last July.

And the arbor bench tucked in beneath barren intertwining twists and turns of wisteria. . .

giving way to cool June green.

All that is noble is in itself of a quiet nature,
and appears to sleep until it is aroused
and summoned forth by contrast.
- - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


  1. So lovely, Ann. Kudos for hopping out of bed to get those snowy shots--they were worth it. Bird and cat prints together was my favorite!

  2. Ann, beautiful contrasts.I am all for green right now :) The cat and bird tracks is my favorite too. Looks like the cat is tracking the bird.Your bench looks like a peaceful place to set on a warm sunny day.

  3. Hi Ann, what a lovely garden you have both in the growing season and in the sleepy season. Your arbor and Bavarian planter are wonderful, and speak of good times to come!

  4. Your birdhouse all planted up is charming and I love that arbor with the seat. It's good to have before and afters so we can remember to hope during the dreary days.

  5. That's a cute little planter. Is it a bird house too?