Garden Blogger's Bloom Day Delight

Travels in Florida continue after a deluge night before last and yesterday that brought down buckets of tropical rain with lightning and thunder for hours and hours.
Today's weather is as bright and clear as the moon that shone in the tent window at 2:30 this morning. Perfect. Off to the Old Florida Highway (Route 441). Picked up a copy of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ Cross Creek to read along the way. Discovered this lovely iris blooming in Micanopy on the way to Rawlings' homestead. So many flowers growing in the wild down here are white.

More birds to identify when given some time and good bird identification resources. Same with the flowers.

Tomorrow heading south down canopy covered backroads and see where our travels lead us. Saturated with the beauty of this country. Can see why Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings found her place here. The song of birds, the flowering and fruiting trees, the sound of rain coming across the hamaca, and the sound of wind in the palms and pines.


  1. Hi hope your having a great trip, after living in florida 21 yrs, i believe above is a Ibis, and below is Great White Heron.
    Hope the weather improves for you
    and are you stopping in charleston on your way back???

  2. It sounds as it you are truly enjoying your trip Ann. From your description it sounds a beautiful spot. What is the white flower at the bottom of your post ?

  3. Ann, thank you so very much for sending such lovely items, and participating in Anna's Gardening by Letters project. I so enjoyed receiving all the cards, letters, seeds, and so much more. Thanks again.

    Muddy Boot Dreams.