Wild Things

Living on the edge of the wild down here in Florida and loving it. So many unusual plants and a wide variety of wildlife. Seeing more flora here that I ever have. Went down the 7 mile Juniper Creek run - 4 1/2 hours in a big canoe with canopy, trees, alligators and mini rapids to navigate.

Saw 2 alligators, lots of turtles the size of large frying pans, birds I can't identify and the same with white blooming lilies. Some very exotic looking.

Lizards and salamanders are everywhere if you stay still long enough. And we had a young raccoon join us for breakfast this morning. Couldn't understand why we wouldn't share the bacon and you could almost see the tears running down his face.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday started with a bird solo at 4:30. By the time a sunrise service would have been under way we had the entire dawn chorus performing a fugue to rival any master composer.

A pair of cardinals come and sit at all times of the day on the picnic table benches with a zealous catbird never far behind. And last night around 9:00 we ran into a young bear who high-tailed it over to the tree line, turned around and planted himself on the ground. All we could see were two bright eyes reflected in the flashlight beam back at us. Think the poor thing had his head down on the ground between his front paws.

Enjoying cooking outdoors where food always seems to taste better. Sleeping can be fitful with rustling nighttime visitors of all kinds though. And after all we've seen it's enough to have you sleeping lighter than usual!

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